Try the WI!

In the October issue of WI Life, there is a special promotional flyer to invite someone to ‘Try the WI’ with our taster membership. Due to the membership subscription extension, new members can join the WI for a pro rata fee of just £10.75 from October 2020 to April 2021!

The pro-rata fee is usually £10.75 from October to January but the extension gives women a chance to try the WI for an extra three months this year.

When the ‘Try the WI’ scheme was created, we had hoped WI meetings may be back to being face-to-face in some form. However, as per this ever-changing and unpredictable year, the Government has limited group meetings to a maximum of six people. In the spirit of WI determination, this means we must come up with creative ways to maximise on the ‘Try the WI’ scheme, and give members tips and ideas of how they can still encourage women to join their WI, despite the restrictions on meeting.

We’re aware this might not work for every WI, but if your WI is able to welcome new members at the moment, this is a great opportunity to do so!