About us

Baildon Belles was formed in 2009. From a first meeting in the pub (when we panicked no one would turn up), the group has grown to more than a hundred! We've changed our venue three times to fit you all in: from a tiny room in the pub, to Baildon Link, to the vast space of St John's Church Hall where we now meet on the last Thursday of every month.

Our members

Our average age is forties, but we have members from 18 to 80. More importantly (for age is just a number!) we have a young, fun and firmly female agenda. And our membership isn't just from Baildon: people come from Saltaire, Micklethwaite, Keighley and  even further afield! Our aims are to enjoy ourselves and to do good for Baildon. We are a fabulously talented group of women, and getting together means we can learn from each other and help each other progress. Forget the 'old boys' network' – the girls are here now!

In our monthly meetings, we swap skills, make contacts and form friendships. Events have included burlesque, chapatti rolling and a giant pumpkin-growing competition (yes, there really is something for everyone!).

When & where we meet

We meet on the last Thursday of every month at 7.30pm at St John's Church Hall in Baildon (map here). See our diary for the full programme of events for the year.

To join Baildon Belles costs just £43 annually. Most meetings are free but occasionally we make a small charge to cover an expensive activity or food. If you want to see what we're all about, you're very welcome to come as a visitor. The cost is £3 per meeting and you can attend 3 meetings before you have to join properly.

About the Women's Institute

Baildon Belles is proud to be part of the Women's Institute. When you join Baildon Belles you also become a member of the WI nationally, and you'll get a monthly magazine (WI Life). More importantly, you'll become part of the largest women's group in the UK, a community of women that's been making things happen for nearly 100 years (the WI was formed in 1915 following the war). The WI is what you make it: it's not about jam and jerusalem (unless you want it to be) - it's about 'inspiring women' (the motto of the WI since a recent rebrand).

Our committee

Our current president is Emily McDowall, and she is supported by the hard-working Baildon Belles committee who meet each month to plan our meetings. Although the programme for the year is planned in advance, there's still a lot of work to do just before each meeting to ensure everything goes to plan.