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Jam and Jerusalem? Not necessarily! Think flavoured vodka and flamenco, and you get a little closer to the preoccupations of a Baildon Belle. Find out more...

I hope you find our website interesting and informative. We'll be updating it over the next few months so please keep coming back!

Sara x

President of Baildon Belles Women's Institute


As if a jam-packed programme of events wasn't enough, you can also get involved in a whole range of other activities. Baildon Belles has spawned a number of offshoots, all of which are listed here.

Breathless Belles

Kirsty started Breathless Belles to encourage us to get out and get fit. At first, the name was pretty apt as we couldn't even run for a bus, but now the group regularly manage five miles, and recently did a 10k run in Kirkstall. The group meets for a run most Sundays and Tuesdays at 7pm at the Ian Clough car park (our Facebook page is a great way of getting up to date information on this). Beginners are welcome, email Kirsty if you want to know more, or see our Facebook page for up to date information.

Book club

We now have two book clubs as the first one was so popular. Here's how they work: we read a book, meet up, drink some wine, talk about life, our jobs, our children and our brittle nails, oh, and discuss the book (and I should say that failing to read the book is no bar to attending: many have done so). It's either held in the pub or at someone's house. To find out more about coming along, email Denise or Heather and they will tell you more.

Cooking club

Shirley has a kitchen as big as Jamie Oliver's, and she kindly agreed to host cooking club in it. Every six weeks or so we meet up, drink some wine, talk about life (see a theme here?), and watch one of our members demonstrate a fabulous receipe before we all scoff it. We've had curry night, mexican night and chocolate night, so if you want to come along, email Shirley for more information.

Walking group

If the idea of Breathless Belles is a bit too fast-paced for you, Jane has organised a series of gentle strolls for members on a Saturday morning. A new programme of walks will be announced in January, but you can email Jane now to make sure you get the the information.

Gardening group

George and friends meet in summer to share gardening tips, take cuttings, go on trips and enjoy other green-fingered fun. To find out more, email George.